HELLO NATURE ADVENTURE TOURS —Hello Nature Adventure Tours

Hello Nature Adventure Tours most conveniently docks out of the Canadian Princess Lodge Marina. Walk steps from your room and join the comfort and convenience of Hello Nature Adventure Tours. Kayaking and hiking tours range from short half-day tours to week-long adventures. Explore the Barkley Sound, the Broken Group Island and the Pacific Rim National Park with Hello Nature Adventure Tours. Whether you are an experienced or novice sea kayaking and/or hiker looking for a new and exciting adventure or someone who is not really sure what the west coast of Vancouver Island is all about, they will find the right experience for you.

Tour Departures & Arrivals:
Multi day tours:
8am –  4/4:30pm (5 days depart on Monday arrive back on Friday / 3 days depart on Friday / arrive Sunday)
Broken Day
8am – 4/4:30pm
Coastal Water
8:30 am – 3/3:30pm
Harbour Tour 
9 am and 1 pm  – 12pm and 4 pm
7:30pm – 10:30pm 
(Fri/Sat/Sun only)
9:30pm – 11:30 pm
(Aust 15-Sept 30)

PADDLE WEST KAYAKING– Paddle West Kayaking

Ucluelet is the hidden gem of the West Coast Vancouver Island Kayaking scene. While most paddlers head to Toquart Bay in order to access Barkley Sound and to kayak in the famous Broken Group Islands; Ucluelet sits on the fringe of Barkley Sound where paddlers seldom go. Launching from Ucluelet allows access to the spectacular open coast scenery and abundant sea life that has made Barkley Sound famous, but without having to contend with the crowds often found in the Broken Group Islands.

Discover the Harbour (Ucluelet Kayaking Tour):

A relaxing get away in the sheltered water’s of the Ucluelet harbour. A great tour for first time kayakers and wildlife watchers. Seals, Sea Lions, Bald Eagles and Black Bears (at low tide) are sometimes seen on this trip. At low tides we’ll explore the shoreline while learning about the unique creatures and ecology of the intertidal zone. If you’re a family with young children or are looking to explore the quaint fishing village of Ucluelet but only have a limited time; our Discover the Harbour tour is the trip for you.

2.5 hours … $59.00 (plus HST)

Discover the Coast (Ucluelet Kayaking Tour):

Leave the shelter of the Ucluelet Harbour and explore the beautiful coastline of Northern Barkley Sound! This tour offers excellent opportunities to view both marine and terrestrial wildlife as you paddle along shorelines and through island channels & reefs that can only be accessed by sea kayak. This trip involves a bit more paddling than the 2.5 hour tour but also includes a brief stop on land to explore and have a snack. Suitable for beginners and intermediates alike.

4 hours – $75 (plus HST)

Open Coast Explorer (Ucluelet Kayaking Tour):

Experience what it’s like to paddle a kayak in the open ocean! Head out into the open waters of Northern Barkley Sound where you’ll feel the thrill of paddling in ocean swells while exploring the rugged shorelines and open coast islands this area is famous for. Great opportunities for viewing wildlife such as seals, sea lions and bald eagles (and if you’re very lucky, even the occasional whale!). Includes a stop off on a secluded island or beach for lunch.

6 hours – $99 (plus HST)


This paddle is an excellent way to get a true WestCoast Wild adventure. No matter what your paddling experience, river kayaking is a rewarding and exhilarating way to travel. Our professional interpretive guides will be with you to point out the many ecological wonders of this beautiful river and to help you to enjoy the trip to the fullest. Whether we’re teaching kayaking tips or sharing the true stories of the valley’s history: both First Nations and logging, we always do our best to give you a trip to remember.

The Kennedy River and the valley it flows through is a lush and picture-perfect west coast rainforest setting. Mountainous, temperate and still wild, the water here is clean and green as it makes its way towards Kennedy Lake where it eventually meets the Pacific Ocean in Clayoquot Sound.

The 3 hour paddle will take you on an amazing eco tour through wilderness rich with fresh mountain air and the calming sound of moving water.

MAJESTIC OCEAN KAYAKING– Majestic Ocean Kayaking

They have many different tours you can choose from. Their company started here in Ucluelet in 1993. The Pacific Rim National Park has preserved much of the wilderness area around Ucluelet. You don’t see high-rise hotels when you paddle around here. Kayaking day trips through Ucluelet’s historic harbour or day trips (or several days) to the Broken Group Islands which is part of the Pacific Rim National Park.

Kayak Ucluelet Harbour 3 Hours
Multiple daily departurees

Barkley Sound Day Trip
8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Outside Waters
Whale Watching Day Trip, Boat Cruise & Kayaking
9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Whale Watching – Kayak Trip
Broken Group Islands, Boat Cruise & Kayaking
8:00 am to 4:30pm

Private Custom Kayaking Tour
Tofino & Clayoquot Sound. For groups of 4 or more.
10:00 am to 1:00pm or 9 am to 4:30 pm